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About the Owners

Founded in 2018, K9-5 is owned and operated by Kyrstin O’Brien and Michelle Hahn. Both have spent a majority of their lives working together with and around animals in dog daycare, pet retail and veterinary clinics. Prior to K9-5, both have worked in the pet industry for almost 10 years. They met working together at a pet retail store, and have followed each other throughout the rest of their career. As business partners, they have devoted their careers toward learning the best practices to maintain a healthy and loving pet/human relationship, especially regarding dogs. 


Ultimately, Michelle and Kyrstin decided to combine their collective knowledge and open a Daycare facility that catered specifically to the needs of canines. K9-5 is currently enrolling pups from Madison and the surrounding area into stimulating play groups Monday through Friday. Your dog is guaranteed plenty of personal attention while they frolic in our newly remodeled facility. Contact K9-5 and get started today!


Meet the K9 Owners!

Get to know Kyrstin

Animals have been a passion of mine since I was a little girl growing up on a cranberry farm up north. My mom always took in every injured animal, and raised me the same. I have my own little zoo at home that consists of my 4 dogs, a parrot, and fish tanks! You will see Datsun the catahoula around the daycare, she is known as Momma D. Sprocket, Elsa and Kocoa are couch potatoes and enjoy their time at home. Elliot is a 43 year old Amazon Parrot that I rescued and made my home complete! 

My career path and dream came together 5 years ago once I brought home my first companion, Datsun. She taught me what unconditional animal love felt like, and how much that can change a persons life. I knew then that I wanted to spend my life returning that love and give every dog in my care a chance at a beautiful life. I truly figured out the trick to life when opening this daycare. Even on the worst days, it really can't be that bad when you are surrounded by a bunch of dogs that love you.

Get to know Michelle

As an avid animal lover I have a small zoo of my own, which includes three dogs, one cat, and a few aquariums. Chloe and Barrett are German Shorthaired Pointers and Remington is a Boston Terrier. The pointers are always excited to make new friends at the daycare!

I currently work part-time at a veterinary clinic for the last 3 years, where I have been trained in many aspects of pet health that I will bring with me everyday to K9-5. I have been volunteering with Wisconsin German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue Group where I have assisted in transports, fostering dogs and finding furever homes. Having worked closely with rescues, I understand the necessity for compassionate and loving placement for homeless animals in need. Working with rescue groups showed me the love and passion I have for dogs. My parents always encouraged me to find something I loved and go for it. Owning a dog daycare is a dream come true!

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